As part of our products and services roadmap, one of the HR Functions that we would like to transform and digitalized is HR Benefits.

HR Benefits can come in the form of employee benefits or company benefits. Company benefits offered by some employers such as bonus, incentives, company retreats, training & development are quite common. However, some employee benefits can extend to include insurance, hospitalization, dental coverage and so on. At Payday, we believe HR Benefits can be extended beyond the norm.

In charting our road map to digitalize HR Benefits, Payday is in the midst of developing Payday +,an integrated Employee Self Service module where employee can access the benefits allocated to them by  their employers.

To showcase the caring of employers towards their employees, these companies negotiated some benefits with retailers so that their employees can enjoy the benefit of purchasing items at a reduced, pre-negotiated discount.

Payday is now stepping into that direction by providing our client’s employees with discounted rates for one of the biggest ticket items purchase in their lives, cars!

For clients subscribing to Payday services, we offer their employees a discounted purchase price for cars, partnering with the online car platform Tookar. Check out more about Tookar at

Our clients’ employees can check out the price and book their dream car on Tookar,  “The Smart Way To Buy A New Car”. This is our first initiative in providing HR Benefits via Payday +. Do take advantage of the discounted price of cars offered via Payday & Tookar collaboration.

Only for Payday subscribers (meaning employers & employees).

Use the PROMO Code “PAYDAY2U”


This is the first offering of Payday +. We are slowly charting our way to offer more HR benefits.

Expect more benefits deal coming your way…